Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ter Borch: Part 3

The Suitor and Dog are Finished

I have not posted any progress lately on the Ter Borch I am copying at the National Gallery but wanted to let everyone know that I am working on it and actually finished the suitor and the dog! Today I finally started the lady's satin gown which I have been looking forward to.  It's always a challenge at first to figure out how Ter Borch painted certain things in this painting, like the satin dress, the hair on the figures, and the fur on the dog.

After First Pass of Dead Color
After Three Passes with Glazes

The Dog with His Tiny Collar
It's probably a good idea to share a little information about this painting.  In this scene, the suitor is entering the room with a slight bow, and the fingers of his thumb and index finger of his left hand form a circle.  The lady he is approaching holds her hands so that the thumb of her right hand pokes through between the fingers of her other hand forming what could be construed as an invitation to sex. However, if you look really closely between his fingers he is holding a ring. And since the dog usually  represents loyalty, there is certainly another message presented here.

P.S.  The lady is wearing six tiny pearl bracelets that had me screaming as I tried to paint them.  I think Ter Borch was laughing at me today.

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