Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Copper Pot with Beets and Garlic

Completed painting

After first day of painting

I've included the before and after pictures so you can see how this painting evolved over time.  If the National Gallery of Art ever does an x-ray of my painting, they would see that the handle of the pot was lowered and the pot enlarged slightly, and that more leaves were added to the composition.  You can see that I usually start with very strong color and gradually bring it down.  This has been very difficult for me since I love the strong color, but I think I tamed it to a degree in this painting.

Although this painting took longer than I would have liked, it was completed faster than any of my previous paintings, and that's a good thing.  The beet leaves were a real challenge as I described in my previous post, but still fun to paint.  I am inspired to paint them again.

And now on to my next still life of apples.  I have been practicing my glazing technique learned from my copying at the National Gallery and studying with Danni Dawson at The Art League of Alexandria.  The glazing mixtures are ones that I lifted from Teresa Oaxaca's blog (teresaoaxaca.blogspot.com).  This painting is done under incandescent light on oil primed linen.  I'm finding the basket to be quite a challenge.  The apples are fun to paint and my husband is happy to eat them, but still no beets....

In progress


  1. I love the "first day" painting just as much as the completed one! You must have passed on your love of bold colors to me! Also, sorry I missed your call tonight...I fell asleep on the couch. Typical. I'll try again tomorrow!

  2. Also I TOTALLY had beets for dinner tonight!