Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ter Borch: Part 2

End of day one

I started the actual painting of  "The Suitor's Visit" on January 5 and began by applying the base colors and aiming for relative values.  I tried to keep in mind as I was painting that I was going to be glazing some areas darker than others.  It seemed to me at that time that keeping things light was probably the safest way to go.  You can see from the photo after the first day that colors are pale compared to the original and you can see a lot of brush strokes.

End of day two

This week I started by working on the background and trying to get the right values as well as putting in a little more detail and correcting the drawing on the top of the fireplace to the right.  The wall in the background is actually wallpapered and has quite a bit of intricate detail that was testing my patience.  I found that I probably should have been more careful with my brushwork in the first stage since it was difficult to cover them up with the glazes.  Or it could be that I needed to use less glazing medium and more paint!

It's interesting to note that with every painting I understand a little more about myself.  It became evident quite early that I am very impatient and not too fond of detail. The glazing process is really a struggle since it requires planning ahead and working in stages and there are a lot of tiny details in this painting  that are really challenging.

  1. P.S.  Since we are not allowed to copy a painting at the original size, I've cropped mine, as you can see from the photo, so that it's 2 inches smaller in each direction.


  1. Rena, Thanks so much for sharing your process! enlarging and tracing the image to your canvas before starting at the museum is a great idea!

  2. It saved a lot of time! The latest copy of International Artist magazine has a section on copying and covers Dutch realist art in particular.