Monday, January 3, 2011

Ter Borch: Part 1

Toning the canvas

In preparation for my painting day on Wednesday, I stretched an oil-primed linen canvas and painted a ground of burnt sienna and raw umber.  This is a color that was often used by the masters as an underpainting. I can't quite tell what ter Borch used so I'm hoping this is close. 

"Gridding up" to size

The next step was to enlarge the image and transfer it to my canvas.  I did this by drawing a grid over a photo that I downloaded from the internet, then drawing another larger grid to size on a sheet of tracing paper.  (Kids, I had to use algebra to do this!) Then I drew the image freehand using the grid as a guide.

Transferring to canvas

I rubbed the back of the tracing with charcoal, placed it on the canvas, and used a drawing stump to press the image onto the canvas.  This had to be done very carefully to avoid creasing the canvas with too much pressure.

After the charcoal was transferred, I drew over it with burnt sienna and raw umber to fix the drawing.

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